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Frio LARGE Wallet

$ 48.00 AUD

Frio LARGE- Suitable for carrying TWO adrenaline autoinjector EpiPen® kept in its storage tube • Keeps your EpiPen® cool and safe • Activated by cold water only. (No refrigeration or ice packs required) • The most simple and convenient medication cooling system available • Light, compact & reusable • Inner wallet dimensions: 140mm x 180mm (5.5" x 7") • Outer cover dimensions: 1.0-1.5 cm taller and wider than the inner wallet dimensions stated • Use when outdoors for extended periods e.g. carrying your autoinjector in heat e.g. beach, back packing • The FRIO wallet is an evaporative cooling unit that needs air circulating around it, in order to function • The Frio wallet is for use during periods when your autoinjector will be exposed to extreme temperature. *EpiPen®/Anapen® must be kept in the storage insert provided by the manufacturer and then inserted into the Frio® _ NOTE: Keep your Medical products out of direct sunlight and away from heat • Your adrenaline autoinjector should never be placed directly in the fridge or on an ice pack • Medication should never be stored in a vehicle at any time.

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