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About Medbag

Helen and Sarah met at kinder 7 years ago. Their children were friends and they developed a bond after Sarah had premature twins who were born with a rare medical condition that left one twin severely brain damaged (cerebral palsy) and the other twin with significant scarring.

Helen has a son who was born with a congenital heart defect that required surgery; he also has Asthma and a severe nut allergy (anaphylaxis).

Over coffee one day they discussed their concerns in regard to storing and carrying their children’s various medical requirements. They had not found a product that suited their children’s needs that easily identified the child and outlined their children’s medical action plans. Helen with a Master of Public Health and Sarah with a Design degree felt they could take the challenge on to create a product to fill this gap in the market. They came up with the idea of a specially designed bag that could hold medication, which was clearly labeled and provided space to display action plans, and other vital information.

This was two years ago. While they don’t claim to be speedy they have been relentless in their commitment to create this bag.

Juggling eight children between them, they set out to find a supplier to develop a bag to meet their vision. It started with a sketch, followed by a paper model. Sarah then made samples on her sewing machine. From there they started talking to manufacturers in China. They developed more than 30 prototypes in the process. This was largely due to their fussiness and absolute commitment to getting the bag to meet their vision. They knew exactly what was required because they needed these bags themselves.

Managing eight children, two husbands, a pregnancy and a child with special needs, the process was challenging and time consuming.

Helen and Sarah are delighted with the end product and actually can’t believe that they did it. While they say there are other bags available in the market place, none have all of the features that they needed. This bag is child friendly (though they are now getting requests from elderly people and adults with medical conditions), has a plastic front so you can see what is in the bag, has the child’s name clearly shown on the front with space for a photo, a carry handle, an insulated EpiPen® holder and a well-designed pocket at the back that clearly shows different medical management plans. With this bag there can be no confusion.

Sarah uses the bag herself every day because her daughter needs to take medication three times per day. Helen’s son Aidan takes the bag with him wherever he goes, including school, excursions, swimming and taekwondo. Helen feels more at ease allowing him go to friend’s houses equipped with the bag because she knows it contains everything another parent or caregiver may need to know.

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